June 25, 2024

Our Days of Noah


The Shadow Unto The Nations

Source: The Shadow Unto The Nations


Israel Rocket

People are not too impressed with Jews sniveling about discrimination at the same time they are screwing the Arabs of Palestine. Similarly, people might be less impressed with Jews sniveling over fake “gas chambers” and a mythical six million if they knew that Jews created Communism. Jews routinely practice the evils they attribute to others. In this, they are rather like the British who squat on half the surface of the earth while accusing the Germans of “aggression”. In Israel, Jews spray the Palestinians with raw sewage while expropriating their land, destroying their homes, harassing them at checkpoints and massacring them at mosques, Dr. Goldstein style.

It is an inspiring spectacle. One might think that it would inspire Civil Rights lawyers like Alan Dershowitz to represent a few Palestinian plaintiffs. But no, it rather seems to inspire Dershowitz to write books defending Israel’ “right to exist”. Jews claim that they are defending themselves from Arab terrorism. Just what the Jews were doing when they drove the Arabs into the desert to starve is never explained. Again and again, one is told that Israel has “a right to exist”. Just why Israel enjoys this purported right is never explained. The Arabs of Palestine never voted to have a Jewish state imposed on them. It was the League of Nations that imposed a British mandate over Palestine The British Empire claimed that they owed the Jews a “national home” in Palestine in exchange for a real or alleged “contract with Jewry” to get the U.S. into the Great War on England’s side. The British Empire forgot the promises they made to the Sheriff Hussein and the Arabs in October 1915.

The Jews claim to be “the light unto the nations”. But as the abominable treatment of the Palestinians by Israel demonstrates, the Jews are “the shadow unto the nations”. International Jewry intends to do to the whites of America precisely what they are doing to the Arabs of Palestine. Anyone who thinks they cannot do it should remember what the Jewish commissars did to the Russians and Ukrainians.

Our Days of Noah