January 29, 2022

Our Days of Noah


Poisoners of the Wells – Part 2: The Jewish Role in the Destruction of Traditional Families


source: Rebel.org


This is the second part of a new article series examining the validity of the age-old ‘anti-Semitic’ conception of Jews as the ‘poisoners of the wells’. This term refers to a much frowned upon Jew-centric framework making Jews responsible for most if not all evil occurring in our world. As any framework this Jew-centric view has its shortcomings and blind spots, but it also allows us to explain many world events far more convincingly than any other perspective.

I chose the family topic for the second part because it covers so many methods how the Jews are poisoning society that it provides an excellent insight in the magnitude of the threat. Each of the methods warrants and will be comprehensively covered in a dedicated part in this series. In this part two I merely focus on their common principal objective which is the destruction of the traditional family.

Jewish responsibility for the ‘sexualisation’ of society

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the disturbing ‘sexualisation’ of young girls in modern society. Countless books and articles have been written on the topic but none of them dares to scratch under the politically correct surface of lamenting the psychological harm done to girls in particular, and maybe a couple of concerned remarks on the related topic of paedophilia.

All those well-meaning writers fail to see the bigger picture of the sexualisation of society as a whole that has been occurring since the 1960s, who was the driving force behind it and what motivated them. To do so would have been ‘anti-Semitic’ with all the negative consequences for career and social standing that come with that label.

The driving force behind the ‘sexual revolution’ were of course the Jews. In a gigantic societal experiment under the pretext of ‘liberation’, Jewish media, Jewish psychologists, Jewish film makers, Jewish actors and actresses, Jewish music producers, Jewish musicians, Jewish academics flushed thousands of years of human civilisation down the toilet. Instead of doing their utmost to keep sexual distractions and temptations to a minimum – for the sake of a functioning, healthy society – sexual triggers from now on have been overstimulating society: barely covered bras-less boobs jiggling left, right and centre, combined with exposing shorts and mini-skirts, half and fully naked girls on every second printed newspaper and magazine page, pornographic scenes in every second film and novel, movies, books and articles describing extra-marital sex and marital infidelity.

The fruits of this madness can be seen everywhere: soaring teenage pregnancy, marital infidelity and divorce numbers, collapsing birth-rates and ageing population. Anyone who believes these were just coincidences or unintended negative side effects of well-intended societal improvement is a liar or a fool. Either way he’s part of the problem.

Jewish domination of historic and modern prostitution

In her recent essay titled Secret Sex Life of the Jews, Lasha Darkmoon has drawn our attention to the prominent Jewish role in historic prostitution. Not only were Jewesses predominant in the ownership and management of brothels, they were also largely over-represented amongst the prostitutes themselves. This historic Jewish predominance in the sex industry has survived up to this date. It is common knowledge that the majority of owners of brothels and the people involved in the ‘recruitment’ of sex slaves are Jews. When police officers, politicians, academia and media talk about the leading role of the ‘Russian’ or ‘Ukrainian’ mafia in prostitution and sex slavery, it is code for ‘Jewish Mafia’ or ‘Kosher Nostra’. In most countries it would be career suicide to disclose that virtually all members of those criminal gangs are Jews.

Someone might ask how prostitution is harming traditional families. It certainly harms the families of the women recruited as prostitutes, forcibly or otherwise, and it harms the families of the paying customers. They are spending money that otherwise could have saved or spent for the benefit of the family. Prostitution corrupts the minds of the men and conditions them to treat women with a lack of respect and decency. It also bears the risk of spreading sexually transmittable diseases, not only to the male customers of the prostitutes, but also to their wives and unborn children.

Jewish domination of historic and modern pornography

Equally to the prostitution business, pornography has always been firmly controlled by Jews. Whether it’s the traditional pornographic books, magazines and movies or today’s rampant Internet pornography, it’s all heavily dominated and controlled by Jews.

Again, someone might ask how pornography is harming traditional families. It’s the same thing. Every dollar and minute spent with pornography is time and money taken away from the family. Every picture and video watched displaying a man and woman performing a sexual act increases the likelihood of him eventually cheating on his wife. And, worst of all, it could lure men down the path of homosexuality.

Jewish promotion of the ‘homosexual lifestyle’

There can’t be any doubt that the Jews are at the forefront of promoting what they call euphemistically the ‘homosexual lifestyle’. A cynic might say that the more Jews choose that lifestyle the better, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. In an attempt to make their ‘lifestyle choice’ seem less odious, those homosexual Jews are brainwashing society in believing that there is nothing wrong with them, that their ‘choice’ is just a legitimate ‘preference’ like some men prefer blondes and others brunettes. I’m not an expert in that field, but I highly suspect that sexual science is highly politicised like so many other areas where Jews are pursuing an evil agenda, such as climate change, globalisation, psychology and history. It doesn’t really matter though.

Do I need to spell out what’s wrong with the Jewish promotion of the ‘homosexual lifestyle’? I couldn’t care less whether homosexual orientation is a psychological disorder, nature or nurture. What I care about is that I don’t want my children to be brainwashed into thinking that it is acceptable to experiment with homosexuality. I want them to have functioning traditional families with husbands who go to work and wives who stay home to take care of husbands and children.

Jewish promotion of ‘women’s rights’

We all know that men and women are not the same. Women are better at multi-tasking, men are better at excelling in just one task. Women are more emotional and less rational than men in their decisions. Women mainly consider what’s best for their family’s physical and financial safety, while men tend more to see the ‘big picture’ of what’s best for society as a whole. They are willing to stand up, fight and die for a cause they believe in. It’s probably fair to say that we need both for mankind to survive.

If I had to pick the single-most contributing factor to the enslavement of mankind, I would pick women’s rights, especially their right to vote. If all you care about in your voting decision is the next pay cheque, the roof over the head and paying the bills, you are bound to overlook equally important matters such as liberty, human and civil rights.

Allowing and encouraging women to go to work was just as vicious. What happens if you suddenly double the workforce? Wages get halved and the right to work becomes an unavoidable necessity. The reason for that effect is simple. The moment a married unemployed man has the option of sending his wife to work, he can afford to work for less than what his family needs to survive. If he’s desperate enough, he will. The more married unemployed men are in that situation, the closer wages will get to half of the amount a family needs to survive. As a consequence, the same women who would have coughed at being told to stay home to look after their husband and children, now have no choice but leave their children in the care of a stranger, causing those women to become unfulfilled and depressed.

Now let’s see who was at the forefront of women’s rights to vote and work? It was England’s and America’s ‘champagne-socialist’ bourgeoisie lead by the Jew banksters who was at the forefront of the fight for ‘women’s lib’ and it was the World Communist movement that pushed hardest for women’s ‘right’ to work. In that context it is important to know that prior to the collapse of the Soviet Empire more than 90% of Jews were communists and more than 90% of communists Jews.

What’s in it for the Jews, some readers might ask. What motivated them to push for ‘women’s lib’? It’s the same evil agenda as with all the previous points I’ve raised: destruction of the traditional family as a means of subverting and destroying Western societies for the purpose of achieving Jewish world domination. Without women voters, creeps like Bill Clinton or Barack Obama would have never been voted into power. Without women being forced to go to work instead of raising their children, children wouldn’t be exposed to the daily brainwashing by the state from their earliest childhood and women would be more inclined to work out problems with their husbands instead of getting divorced at the first opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe for a minute that anyone has the right to discriminate against women because of their gender, leave alone prevent them from voting, studying and pursuing a career. But it would be foolish to be oblivious to the negative consequences of them doing so and we should consider them before encouraging girls to go down that path. What we should do instead is to use education and the media to create a culture where girls and women seek fulfilment and happiness in stay-home motherhood and leave the financial burden and politics to their husbands, instead of competing with them for the few university places and lucrative jobs that enable men to provide for them.

Jewish promotion of the ‘welfare state’

The same Rothfilth, those 30 or so interbreeding parasitic, psychopathic, Jew-monster crime dynasties behind women’s ‘liberation’ were also behind the ‘welfare state’, for equally sinister reasons. It started in Britain and unified Germany, the two countries in the tightest grip of the Jewish banksters. Government hand-outs for social security means less reliance on your own family as a safety net. This means more power to the government and less to the family, making it easier for the government to brainwash and manipulate its citizens.


Some readers might argue that the described onslaught against traditional families affect Jews and non-Jews alike. This is true, but that’s irrelevant. What we are dealing with is a masterplan designed and implemented by Jewish banksters and their Gentile minions for the subversion and destruction of Western societies as part of their centuries old quest for Jewish world domination. They are quite happy to (temporarily) sacrifice the happiness and wellbeing of Jewish families if that brings them closer to their goal of enslaving or culling all non-Jews. They call it New World Order or – if they are religiously inclined – God’s will.

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