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The US wants to start a war with Russia

The interviewer asked: “What about this ceasefire in Ukraine?” Here is JB Campbell’s answer in full:

I don’t think the ceasefire will last. America won’t let it last.

The private Rockefeller group called the Council on Foreign Relations
in New York picked the Ukrainian gangsters, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko,
as provocateurs to create a war against Russia. So far, it hasn’t worked
but they won’t stop.

Maybe even Americans are realizing that the Obama gangsters are
taking us to war with Russia, totally against our will. This disaster
cannot be fixed in Ukraine or Iraq or your country or Syria or
Palestine, it can only be fixed in New York and Washington, by

What we’re witnessing is the Brzezinski doctrine in action, which is
the destruction of Russia and regime change. Zbigniew Brzezinski and the
CIA created al-Qaaeda in Afghanistan in ’79 to destroy the Soviet
Union, which it did.

Now al-Qaeda has become ISIS, which is headed by Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi, who we now learn is actually an Israeli named Elliot

Real Muslims do not wage war on their own people and leave Israel and
America alone! That alone is proof that all this mass murder is run by
the CIA and Mossad.


Obama’s mentor is Brzezinski, who performed the same role for Jimmy
Carter by forming al-Qaeda, which means “the CIA’s database of mujahidin
fighters in Afghanistan.” Brzezinski is the Rockefeller theoretician,
and always has been since forming the Trilateral Commission for David
Rockefeller in 1971. Brzezinski’s plan is still the same: destroy
Russia, with nuclear war if necessary.

Brzezinski and the neo-cons, who are in basic cooperation,
are insane warmongers who think that they can survive an exchange of
nuclear bombs and missiles! Russia continues to show the world how to
deal with the Washington gangsters, through restraint, humanity and the
readiness to confront US aggression.

Only American freedom fighters can save the world.

The Rockefeller syndicate, headquartered in New York, can only be
stopped by Americans – it is our responsibility and duty to humanity to
destroy the engine of disaster, that private ministry of war, the
Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, which grooms and appoints all
important people to power positions in the US government, including all
our presidents and all their advisors, including all directors of the
CIA and NSA.

Source: Darkmoon

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