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ISIS and War Propaganda: The Mainstream Media is Selling Fear to Control the Public


The media is selling fear of beheadings to the public. Syria is
destroyed and so is Iraq, principally at the hands of the U.S. military
machine and western partners. Oil pipelines and weapons deals are the
reasons for this monstrosity that knows no end in its brutal occupation.
The U.S. sold arms to Nouri al-Maliki to back his corrupt regime and
backed his forces with drone strikes against ISIS, even though the
American CIA also previously supported jihadist Sunni rebels, including
the ISIS—procuring weapons for these groups, to attack the government of
Bashar al-Assad. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are now dead in
Syria—murdered by U.S. backed proxies. The ISIS are now in control of
oil fields in Iraq thanks in no small part to U.S. weaponry, sold to
Maliki, which they obtained after taking over major areas of the

The colonial powers and western energy conglomerates/capitalist
investors are now dividing the spoils of oil resources for NATO
geopolitical war machine control. U.S. bombing of Iraq to impose ethnic
borders between the Kurds, the Sunnis and the Shias is the U.S. military
strategy to make this war-ridden land safe for U.S. multinational oil
investors who supply a never ending flow of oil to the global NATO war

Even though the real reason for conducting brutalizing airstrikes
against Iraq is to re-enforce American domination, the U.S. imperial
corporate apparatus via the deceptive mass media sold the sustained
vicious bombing to the American people as humanitarian intervention to
save the Yazadi people and to avenge the deaths of two slain/beheaded
western reporters. The military-industrial-corporate media complex will
continue to foment war tensions through its success at demonizing
enemies on numerous fronts—including Putin, who they claim is invading
Ukraine, and the Ukrainian separatists who will not bend to Washington’s
right-wing Neo-Nazi regime in Kiev.

The ISIS is a 100 percent product of the U.S. proxy destabilization
policy against Syria, and their command of Iraq’s oil fields in Mosul,
along with this group’s beheading of journalists, both function as
convenient war propaganda to anger the American public and fuel the U.S.
airstrike machine that benefits the capitalist armaments industry since
Americans subconsciously believe as a result of their national security
indoctrination that the petroleum of the Middle East is U.S. property
serving “core interests” and protecting their “way of life.”

The Afghan region is still occupied via U.S. forces for the
construction of the TAP (Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan) pipeline
that controls the flow of Caspian Sea Oil against Russia. Over 1000
military bases in 130 nations still straddle the globe of the biggest
and most brutal weapons manufacturing war economy militarist system in
history that drone bombs children in Pakistan, Yemen and Iraq, even
though the American people are not hearing about it in the controlled
mass media.

Everywhere that one looks it is occupation and militarization for
resource control. Sanctions and war, genocide and slaughter were the
result of the 1990-1991 attack against the sovereign nation of Iraq.
Depleted uranium munitions infecting the air particles Iraqis breathe
and heavy bombing of infrastructure to smash a society and render the
people helpless before their dictator is the manner in which the
Washington military-oil-complex softened up Iraq. The U.S. war machine
targeted electrical grids, sewage systems and water-treatment/sanitation
facilities with bombing and combined this destruction of life support
systems with sanctions to deny necessary materials to fix the destroyed
national infrastructure, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of
thousands of people through disease. It was part of a deliberate
disintegration of Iraqi society to weaken the people of this land for
Anglo-North-American control of the vast petroleum reserves in the
Persian Gulf.

The excuse for this aggression against the people of Iraq, to punish
the dictator Saddam Hussein for invading Kuwait, obscures the fact that
this act of aggression stemmed from Kuwait’s slant drilling into Iraqi
oil fields and simultaneous refusal to relieve Iraq’s war debt, incurred
from the Iran-Iraq war, that prevented Hussein from embarking upon
re-industrialization/post-war reconstruction programs in this nation.

The U.S. government mass murders civilians for war profit. It does it
with calculated ease. Rather than seeking revenge for beheadings of
U.S. journalists, Americans supporting a renewed U.S. bombardment of
Iraq need to look at the fact that the U.S. arranged for the training of
ISIS in Jordan and that this group has nefarious connections to NATO
allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who openly funded the ISIS as part of the
proxy genocidal destabilization against Syria.

Let us also look at the anger that is resultant from the U.S.
bombing, occupation, torture and murder of innocent Iraqi civilians
beginning in 2003 that was part a shock and awe invasion/
counterinsurgency operation to build military bases in Iraq and have a
foothold in the Persian Gulf to control Middle East oil. Why is the main
focus in the mainstream media on Putin’s so called “invasion” of Crimea
or his alleged deployment of troops into Eastern Ukraine rather than
placing in the proper context the Project for a New American Century
(PNAC) U.S. invasion of Iraq which, three years after commencing, is
doing far more damage in terms of loss of human life with its blowback
effects of the Saudi/Qatar/NATO backed ISIS beheading of civilians and
shooting up Iraq out of anger for American atrocities from 2003-2011. Is
this not far worse than anything Putin could ever do? Since the proper
context of the ISIS beheadings is not presented in the controlled mass
media, the blowback from this outright imperial slaughter-occupation
that has enflamed fundamentalists throughout the region, who want to get
even with Americans whose governing officials have ruthlessly and
liberally applied counter-insurgency death squads in their nations, is
not reflected upon by the American people. U.S. jets to re-bomb the area
as a form of retaliation is only causing further hatred of American
foreign policy.

The U.S.-backed government in Kiev engaging in a brutal coup-de-taut,
backed through the National Endowment for Democracy and the U.S. State
Department/European Union is also causing massive civilian casualties as
these monsters bomb women, children and babies from airplanes in
Eastern Ukraine cities such as Lugansk and Gorlovka and massacre
civilians in Odessa. ISIS draws its weapons and funding from the U.S.
Pentagon—accident or not, and they receive funding from NATO
Allies-Saudi Arabia-Qatar. They commit rabid atrocities against civilian
journalists as an act of retaliation against the European and North
American colonial imperialist policies that are responsible for the
destruction of the region but have also been funded by Arabian oil
monarchy controlled governments who are NATO members cooperating as
partners in this resource control project through their collaboration
with the CIA and alliance with NATO in funding proxy guerilla death

The U.S. 2015 discretionary spending budget of $1.16 trillion will
appropriate approximately $640 billion or 55.2 percent of the entire
discretionary budget on military spending compared to other expenses
such as Food and Agriculture, Transportation, Science, International
Affairs, Energy and Environment, Social Security, Unemployment and
Labor, Medicare and Health, Housing and Community, Government, Veterans
Affairs Benefits and Education. This gross appropriation on war and
death only benefits a select few at the top of the income stratification
and is squandering away the wealth of the working people on needless
death and slaughter to continue the Pentagon strategic control of oil
resources throughout the world.

Source: Global Research

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