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Defending the Stalin Regime Is Indefensible

An outstanding comment by Luca K
in response to the Thomas Goodrich article,
German Victims : How the Allied Victors of WWII tortured and killed their German prisoners (Part 1 of 2)


Introductory note by Lasha Darkmoon

Stalin, Man of Steel: This is the man who (according to Solzhenitsyn) presided over the destruction of over 66 million of his own peoplefrom 1917 to 1953. He was responsible for the Red Terror, the Soviet gulags, the mass murder of millions of Russian peasants and the confiscation of their lands, the destruction of thousands of Christian churches, the torture of thousands of monks, priests and nuns, the mass starvation of 7-10 million Ukrainians in the man-made Holodomor famine, and, finally,  the rape of 2 million German women after WWII —rapes he could not possibly have been unaware of and which he made no steps to stop.

Anyone who defends Stalin and the unimaginably evil crimes he committed can only do so by shutting his eyes to the facts of history. How do you explain 66 million horrendous deaths under his watch when he was in total control? Only by pretending that the man was plunged in a long coma for over 30 years! 

Any defense of Stalin’s evil Jewish regime  is morally indefensible; it amounts to a defense of Talmudic supremacy and Jewish Communist totalitarianism  (LD)  


Dear Lasha,

This Alexander character is quite typical of many Russian nationalists.

Visit blogs like The Saker and others and you will see for yourself. Before I continue, a disclaimer; I admire Putin and fully support Russia in her struggle to defeat US attempts at encircling it or otherwise destabilizing the Russian Federation with views to break it up and/or park it in the US empire parking lot.

Having said that, WWII “history”, whether the anglo-american version or the Soviet flavor of it, is pure bunk. A bunch of self-serving lies by the victors. All Allied countries and particularly the US and the USSR, plus the anti-German war party in Britain(and to a less extent the French and useful idiot Poland) bear a lot of responsability, most of it, for the war. As for the “great Patriotic War”, well, it’s a convenient National myth that is used to unite Russians. I can understand that, all the victors do the same but it is still largely false. I want also to distinguish between the sacrifices made by the soviet soldiers and peoples from the horrific Stalinist regime that ruled them at the time.

There’s no lack of Western lefties/liberals parroting Stalinist propaganda either. This is the result of decades of Soviet propaganda now continued by the Russian government. Why? Because the narrative of the so called “Great patriotic War” serves as a building block for the new Russian Federation, a national myth – many countries have them – necessary to rally the Russian people around their country, identity, flag. Russia emerged weak after the break up of the Soviet Empire. It was brutally plundered by the Zamerican empire and those special interests which rule it. The country was deeply infiltrated by a 5th column(largely Jewish as israeli media admits), as some Russian refer to them, interested in parking the Russian Federation into the Zamerican empire.

Failing that, these special interests, led by the neocons want to encircle and break up the RF.

Thus, the great patriotic war mythology forms a cornerstone of Russian nationalism today, as it casts the Russian people in the role of “heroic liberators” providing them with an exaggerated, distorted and self-righteous self-image as heroes and main resisters against the evils of ‘Fascism’ during WWII. After all, so the propaganda line goes, they “saved the world” from the clutches of the “evil Nazi” cannibals who were “attempting to exterminate” the “inferior races” and take over the world. Strip the mythology, and what do they end up with? The truth. But the truth sucks, it ain’t cool. This is the reason behind Russia’s new legislation against ‘revising’ WWII history. No, I’m not talking about the holohoax, about the war itself. Just as with the holo, truth need not be shielded from scrutiny. Also most Soviet archives of the era remain closed. Why? The official BS-narrative does not have a leg to stand on. The first to realize that were the Russians themselves. Regarding Barbarossa, I wonder the fate of the many Russian historians who spearheaded, after the fall of the USSR, the research which has shown that the USSR was planning an attack on Germany but Hitler beat Stalin to it.

As D.W.Michaels wrote:

One of the earliest Russian revisionists of World War II history was Pyotr Grigorenko, a Soviet Army Major General and highly decorated war veteran who taught at the Frunze Military Academy.[…]he was the first leading Soviet figure to advance the revisionist arguments, which became well known during the 1980s and 1990s, on Stalin’s preparations for aggressive war against Germany. In an article submitted to a major Soviet journal (but rejected, and later published abroad), Grigorenko pointed out that Soviet military forces vastly outnumbered German forces in 1941. Just prior to the German attack on June 22, 1941, more than half of the Soviet forces were in the area near and west of Bialystok, that is, in an area deep in Polish occupied territory. “This deployment could only be justified” wrote Grigorenko, “if these troops were deploying for a surprise offensive. In the event of an enemy attack these troops would soon be encircled.”

Since the 90s, with the partial opening of Soviet archives(closed again), many Russian historians have refined the evidence for Stalin’s agressive aims. An incomplete list of such Russian historians/researchers:

Former Soviet intel officer ,Vladimir Bogdanovich Resun(Viktor Suvorow), Russian historian Dr. Mikhail Meltiukhov, V. A. Nevezhin, Colonel V. D. Danilov, Igor Bunich, Irina. V. Pavlova, V. L. Doroshenko, M.Solonin, Constantine Pleshakov, Dr.Alexander Pronin, Prof. Dr. Maria Litowskaja, Colonel Kiselev, Dr. Dschangir Nadschafow, faculty director of the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, etc.

Since the 1990s, many Western historians have reached similar conclusions. American Albert Weeks, Richard Raack, John Mosier, R.H.S. Stolfi. German and Austrian historians Dr.Joachim Hoffmann, Ernst Topitsch, Dr.Werner Maser, Fritz Becker, Dr.Walter Post, Dr.Max Klüver, Wolfgang Strauss, French Stéphane Courtois, etc.

The usual pathetic reply is to say this is all nazi, CIA or traitorous propaganda.

W.Strauss lists in his book ‘Unternehmen Barbarossa und der russische Historikerstreit’  (from a review of it by D.Michaels), the findings of several of these Russian researchers:

Major findings:

-Stalin wanted a general European war of exhaustion in which the USSR would intervene at the politically and militarily most expedient moment. Stalin’s main intention is seen in his speech to the Politburo of August 19, 1939.

-To ignite this, Stalin used the [August 1939] Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact, which: a) provoked Hitler’s attack against Poland, and b) evoked the declarations of war against Germany by Britain and France. But not against the Soviet Union which also invaded Poland taking half of it.

-In the event Germany was defeated quickly by Britain and France, Stalin planned to “Sovietize” Germany and establish a “Communist government” there, but with the danger that the victorious capitalist powers would never permit a Communist Germany.

-In the event France was defeated quickly by Germany, Stalin planned the “Sovietization” of France. “A Communist revolution would seem inevitable, and we could take advantage of this for our own purposes by rushing to aid France and making her our ally. As a result of this, all the nations under the ‘protection’ of a victorious Germany would become our allies.”

-From the outset Stalin reckoned on a war with Germany, and the Soviet conquest of Germany. To this end, Stalin concentrated on the western border of the USSR operational offensive forces, which were five- to six-times stronger than the Wehrmacht with respect to tanks, aircraft and artillery.

-With respect to a war of aggression, on May 15, 1941, the Red Army’s Main Political Directorate instructed troop commanders that every war the USSR engaged in, whether defensive or offensive, would have the character of a “just war.”

-Troop contingents were to be brought up to full strength in all the western military districts; airfields and supply bases to support a forward-strategy were to be built directly behind the border; an attack force of 60 divisions was to be set up in the Ukraine and mountain divisions and a parachute corps were to be established for attack operations.

-The 16th, 19th, 21st, 22nd and 25th Soviet Armies were transferred from the interior to the western border, and deployed at take-off points for the planned offensive.

-In his speech of May 5, 1941, to graduate officers of the academies, Stalin said that war with Germany was inevitable, and characterized it as a war not only of a defensive nature but rather of an offensive nature.

In other words, Miss Lasha, your russian correspondent is misguided when he asks you for compassion for the millions of victims of the war, given that the USSR was on the verge of initiating a war on Germany.

Also, the trouble with the notion of the “peace loving” and “neutral” USSR is that it had already invaded Poland and Finland in 39, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania in 1940 and even after the German-Soviet war started they invaded Iran in August 1941(together with the brits if memory serves). During world war 2 Bulgaria was in a unique position amongst the European Axis countries in that it did not go to war against the USSR after June 22 1941. Hitler asked Boris III for military assistance but he refused. The Bulgarian monarch would not even allow a Waffen SS recruitment agency for individuals who wanted to enlist. In September 1944 after advancing through Romania to the Bulgarian frontier the Bulgarian government reminded the USSR that it was neutral in the nazi-soviet conflict. The Soviet army invaded anyway. If the Soviet Union didn’t want to conquer Europe then why did it invade Bulgaria when that country was not at war with it?
Japan and the USSR were signatories to a non aggression pact which the Japanese adhered to. But that didn’t stop the soviets from attacking the Japanese when it suited them after the war in Europe had ended.

So, Alexander, the blame for the millions of Soviet lives lost lie largely at the feet of your hero, Stalin, a mass murderer of Slavs(and other ethnic groups) in peace time, bTW. One can quibble about the exact numbers, which will probably never be known, but what is known, much of it from only partially opened Soviet archives, is horrible enough.

Before the war started, Hitlers concentration camp system had less than 30.000 people in it. The Gulag had already absorbed millions, not to mention the mass shootings, mass deportations, etc.

Interestingly, there is a new trend in modern Russia: To play down the atrocities of the Lenin/Stalin regimes, as much as possible.

After all, how does one go about the myths of the ‘great patriotic war’, if the Soviet regime itself was responsible, even in peacetime, for the deaths of so many of its own citizens?

Regarding the crimes of the Soviet armies as it advanced westwards, specifically rapes: The fact of the matter is that the Soviet troops even raped women from Soviet districts that were ‘liberated’ in 1944. This is well documented from Soviet sources. For example, General Petrov, commander of the 4th Ukrainian Front, reported the terrible crimes committed by his own men in the Crimea in June, 44. Not to mention mass shootings of alleged collaborators.
The book mentioned by Gian Franco is highly recommended and covers a lot of the crimes carried out by Soviet troops. I have to disagree that the soldiers who committed mass rapes were Jews and Asians, there is enough evidence that soldiers of various ethnic backgrounds, including Slavs, took part.

I’ll finish this long post – sorry for that – with something I wrote during a discussion on the Saker blog;

“When criticizing the notion of the so called ‘Great Patriotic War”, I wish to be very clear: By no means do I wish to disregard the suffering of the Soviet soldiers and civilians. Not at all. But, having studied the subject in detail – and continuing to study it –

I have come to the conclusion that Soviet citizens  were much more victims of the Stalinist regime than of Germany: first because, as I briefly explained in my previous post, Stalin was very much responsible for bringing about the titanic conflict with NS Germany.

Secondly, we need to examine, beyond the feel good myths of the war, how the Stalinist regime treated its own troops and civilians. It amounted to complete disdain for human life.

For example, we need to look at the role of the political commissars, of NKVD special units, of the dreaded ‘blocking units’, all in order to keep the red army in line. Why? Bc there was a clear tendency, among the troops, despite all the brainwashing propaganda of how the Finns or the germans tortured and murdered all pows(many believed it), of surrender and desertion. But why? Well, clearly a lot of the soldiers did not feel so enthusiastic about fighting for a regime which had killed and/or visited horrific sufferings on millions of people already before the war.

Many draconian orders were issued to deal with these ‘problems’.

One amongst thousands of such similar incidents was what the NKVD in the 264th infantry division  reported re the first battle of the 1060th infantry regiment. When the soldiers of the 4th company, 2nd Battalion failed in the attack, heavy MGs opened up on them from behind, killing ‘at least 60′.

The regime was so ruthless that Soviet airstrikes were carried out on overcrowded soviet pow camps. In the Soviet military, surrender was not allowed. Officers, if they surrendered, would be executed if taken back (or later repatriated) and their families arrested. Conscripts faced same fate but families ‘only’ lost state support. Many soviet soldiers who were captured, from lowly privates to Generals, expressed their great fear of the NKVD. It also terribly affected the performance of soviet forces. Major General Kirpichnikov stated that bc of the commissars they were totally stifled in their tactical creativeness and operational thinking.

This is also why Soviet troops were again and again, already since the winter war with Finland, sent to their almost certain deaths in frontal human wave assaults.

Despite all this terror, millions of Soviet soldiers surrendered or deserted.

This does not fit very well with a view of mass patriotism. Initially, soviet propaganda aimed at fighting for Stalin and Communism, as it was ineffective, this was later changed to defense of the motherland which proved much more effective. Still, terror appears to have remained the key component in keeping the red army fighting.

Soviet data shows that during the war, more than 1 million court martial trials were held and more than 158,000 soldiers were executed.

As Marshal Georgi Zhukov noted “In the Red Army, it takes a very brave man to be a coward.”

By comparison, the number of German soldiers executed in all fronts was minimal and there was no such terror apparatus despite strict discipline. This shows the German forces were much more motivated and cohesive.”