June 2, 2023

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“The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.” ~ Lenin.

9/11 trial censorship? Gitmo court feed cut

Rahm Emanuel Demands Banks Not Do Business with Firearms Manufacturers

Communist Party & Progressive Democrats Compliment Obama’s Socialist Agendas

Obama’s Inaugural Address: Second Amendment Obsolete

111 Blacked Out Pages Is How Much the DOJ Wants You to Know About Your Right to Privacy

Why should doctors ask teen if family has guns?

NSA Whistleblower: “Every American Is Under Surveillance”

The TSA Wants To Be Everywhere In 2013 — Here’s Why We Shouldn’t Let It

Time to Target the Real Terrorists The Return of COINTELPRO?

What the FBI Doesn’t Want You To Know About Its “Secret” Surveillance Techniques

There Is No End In Sight For The Self-Perpetuating ‘War On Terror’

America Is Being Systematically Transformed Into A Totalitarian Society

FBI Should Investigate Bankers, Not Protesters

Homeland Security Quietly Runs “Loan-a-Drone” Program for Local Law Enforcement

U.S. Spy Law Authorizes Mass Surveillance of European Citizens: Report

New York Senate Passes Draconian Gun Bill

Syria’s rebels form own secret police

Jews concentration camps in America

Government and Big Banks Joined Forces to Violently Crush Peaceful Protests

Dianne Feinstein Confesses Her Goal is to Disarm ALL Americans

Gun Grabbers Call For Re-Education Programs In Public Schools

Senate Ignores Constitution, Passes Warrantless Wiretap Renewal

The Spy State Tightens its Grip

The National Security State’s Embrace of Dictatorships

Congress, at Last Minute, Drops Requirement to Obtain Warrant to Monitor Email

9/11 – Who Put Thermite In The World Trade Center?

The FBI – Drowning In Counter-Terrorism Money, Power and Other Resources – Will Apply The Term “Terrorism” To Any Group It Dislikes And Wants To Control And Suppress

Fed members gave their own banks $4 trillion during bailout

Senate Approves Indefinite Military Detention of U.S. Citizens in U.S.

Privacy Concerns Surface with Government Plan to Install “Black Box” Monitors in All New Cars

Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment

Tragic Shootings, Mental Illness and the Assault on the 2nd Amendment

Obama Supports Assault Weapon Ban Legislation Proposed By Senator Dianne Feinstein

UK Protests Gun Ban – Who will ban guns next?

Actually, The Newest Version Of NDAA Makes It EASIER To Detain Citizens Indefinitely

Corrections Corporation of America Used in Drug Sweeps of Public School Students

Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized

NDAA 2013: Let’s Identify The Traitors to The US Constitution

Spies and Provocateurs: Police Spying on Occupy Movement not Likely Limited to Los Angeles

California Gets Face Scanners To Spy On Everyone At Once

Incidents Raise Suspicions on Motive: Killing of Journalists by US Forces a Growing Problem

United Nations wants control of web kill switch

Obama decision puts America on trajectory toward financial mega-disaster

Election 2012: 6 Ways The Winner Will Destroy America

Greek Parliament Approves Contentious Law to Expand Privatization

Depopulation Through Planned Governmental Starvation of U.S. Citizens

Drone-murders of Americans ‘Totally Right, Totally Constitutional’: Homeland Security Chairperson

Spying on Americans For Counterterrorism Will Be Conducted by New CIA Drones

Obama’s Gitmo betrayal

U.S. Supplying Anti-Aircraft Missiles To Syrian Rebels

The Global IRS

Israel’s “Solution” for Gaza: A Starvation Diet

Central Banks Game Plan: One World Currency

UN Offers to Assist Internet Counter-Terrorism Surveillance In Lieu of Global Directives

Meet the Internet Gatekeepers

U.N. calls for ‘anti-terror’ Internet surveillance

The Shadow CIA: A State Within A State Within A State

DHS graduates first Corps of Obama’s Brown Shirts – Homeland Youth

The IMF and World Bank Use Arab Uprisings to Expand Control Over Nations

U.S. military judge: ‘Torture’ is not ‘relevant’ in Guantanamo cases

Amtrak Joins the Police State

Student RFID Chipping Conditions American Youth to Accept Government Surveillance

Texas schools punish students who refuse to be tracked with microchips

EU-Funded Group Outlines Draconian Population Control Scenarios For The Next Forty Years

The US Government Today Has More Data On The Average American Than The Stasi Did On East Germans

It’s Not America Anymore

The World’s Largest Money-Laundering Machine: The Federal Reserve

Leading World Bank Demographer: Vaccination Campaigns Part Of Population Reduction Policy

Activists warned to watch what they say as social media monitoring becomes ‘next big thing in law enforcement’

Homeland Security Fusion Centers: Surveillance Gone Wild

Historical Cell Phone Location Data: No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, According to U.S. Government

Iraq: Ten Years, a Million Lives and Trillions of Dollars Later

Homeland Security ‘fusion’ centers spy on citizens, produce ‘shoddy’ work, report says

In America, Journalists Are Considered Terrorists

Former CNN Journalist Amber Lyon: Obama Is Criminalizing Journalism

Feds snoop on social-network accounts without warrants

Sen. Lieberman Urges President Obama to Sign Executive Order to Take Over the Internet

“Text-a-Tip” Snitch Program Invades Small-Town America

New Jersey nonsensically claims DHS-funded “Text Against Terror” program is a success

While We Are Sleeping Our Constitutional Republic Is Being Destroyed on Capitol Hill

The explosion of private militaries and mercenaries, post-Iraq

Take the Test to See If You Might Be Considered a “Potential Terrorist” By Government Officials

UN Small Arms Treaty Passes While Media Sleeps

Obama’s Lawyers Appeal Court Ordered Block Against NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision

Facebook: snitchgate!

Law Enforcement Speech Recognition System Stores Millions of Voices

Social Media, Smartphones and Police Ctreate a Stasi Web of Surveillance

China’s Brainwashed Youth

ADHD Drugs Prescribed to ‘All Academically Struggling’ Children

Chicago Teacher’s Strike and the UN Globalization of Our Public Schools

Justice Dept. Defends Not Prosecuting Corporate Leaders for White-Collar Crime

ELEVEN YEARS…Still Nobody’s Even Been Arrested!

NYPD Opens Branch in Israel

TSA Continues Its Unchecked Expansion Across the U.S.

LAPD Now Arresting Photographers

NYPD Felony Activity Worse Than The Hoover Communist Witch Hunt

Central Banks are the Real Target for West’s Imperial Wars

Feds Seizes Gold Coins Worth $80 Mln From Pennsylvania Family

Bank Loses All Of Family’s Possessions After Wrongfully Foreclosing On Home

Why Does The U.S. Government Treat Military Veterans Like Human Garbage?

DHS Amassing Arms for Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens?

Why is US fostering ties with Central Asian despots?

Latin America’s Communist Bent and the Killing It Brings

Obama Institutionalizes Indefinite Detention

Obama administration: cellphone location data is not ‘constitutionally protected’

California passes resolution defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism

BOMBSHELL: US Neo-Cons, State Department Behind Terror Wave in Russia

The Richard Aoki Story: More Evidence the FBI Runs Violent Political Groups

Warning to Activists: Agent Provocateurs Want to Make You a Terrorist

In Defense of “9/11 Truth” Speech: Put Us All In A Psych Ward

Are People Being Thrown Into Psychiatric Wards For Their Political Views?

Former Marine Indefinitely Detained In Psychiatric Ward Over 9/11 Facebook Posts

DHS Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment

Fmr. Marine Arrested by FBI for Patriotic Facebook

NYPD Unveils Crime- And Terror-Fighting ‘Domain Awareness System’

Obama Has Broken New Ground – In the Unilateral Assassination of People He Deems our Enemy

New York Times Acknowledges that Syrian Opposition Is Targeting Christians and Other Minorities

DHS and US Military Make Final Preparations Before Announcing Martial Law

China and the Outsourcing of the American Republic

911 caller accidentally exposes illegal NYPD spying operation

Insane Amount of Militarized Police for Peaceful Protests in Anaheim

NYPD Plans To Launch New Criminal And Terrorist Tracking System

The Rise of the Police State and the Absence of Mass Opposition

Insight: Cautious on Syria, Obama moves to help rebels

Amnesty International’s latest arms trade campaign is colonialism with a kindly face

HOPE 9: Whistleblower Binney says the NSA has dossiers on nearly every US citizen

The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union

Arizona homeowner: ‘Bank stole my house’

Congress Now Trying To Outlaw Reporting On Government Corruption

The New Totalitarianism: How American Corporations Have Made America Like the Soviet Union

Cell Phone Corporations Help Government and Law Enforcement Spy On You

US continues to banish citizens by no-fly orders

New TSA Rules: Passengers Must Learn to ‘Freeze on Command’

World mum on Israel threatening peace

Cost of Keeping Government Secret Rises to $11 Billion

Wal-Mart: 50 Years of Gutting America’s Middle Class

Merck Teams With Gates Foundation to Further Worldwide Depopulation

Middle Finger News – Wal-Mart Is Big Brother

The American War Racket

Death of the US Constitution: Can Americans Escape the Deception?

Porcfest, Government Infiltration and Provocateurs

DHS Report Lists – ‘Liberty Lovers’ As Terrorists

77% of JP Morgan’s Net Income Comes from Government Subsidies

Europe’s Shock Doctrine: Government by the Banks, for the Banks

Trans-Pacific Partnership Paves the Way for Global Corporate Rule

Trade Secrecy Reaches New High

Google vows full service to Israeli Mossad spy agency

Google Admits Governments Using Their Services to Censor the Internet

In constitutional republics, presidents don’t have ‘kill lists’

Obama Administration Working with U.N. on a Global Gun Ban

10 Failed Attempts by the Government to Control the Internet

U.S. Secret Service buys 26 devices to identify and collect wireless communication data

Obama Trade Document Leaked, Revealing New Corporate Powers And Broken Campaign Promises

‘She molested me…somebody help me!’:Woman passenger cries for help at airport security after ‘invasive’ search by female TSA agent

Implosion of The Houla Massacre Story – Is Anyone Paying Attention?

The School of the Americas, the CIA and the US-Condoned Cancer of Torture Continue to Spread in Latin America, Including Mexico

U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa

The U.S. military is operating drones domestically and sharing data with law enforcement

Obama Administration Stonewalls Declassification of Secret Court Rulings

NATO ENLARGEMENT: From the North Atlantic to the South Pacific

Obama’s Total War Doctrine: Intense and Constant Psychological Warfare. “Total War” against All Countries

Israel airport security demands access to tourists’ private email accounts

Obama Administration Argues No Warrant Required for GPS Tracking of Citizens

US & UN Openly Waging War on Syria

Syria Under Attack by Globalist Death Squad Experts

Kofi Annan Spouts NATO “Civil War in Syria” Mantra; Syrian UN Ambassador Jafari Exposes Role of Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in Fielding Al Qaeda Death Squads; Rebels Attack UN Observers

9/11 – Urban Renewal With a Twist?

The History Of Soulless Money Changers – From the Pharisees to the FED

Beijing Sets its Sights on Central Europe

NATO Imported Al Qaeda to Lead Syrian Opposition

US Officially Arming Extremists in Syria

Syria’s FSA Are Demonstrative Terrorists

The DEA’s disturbing monitoring of the movement of Americans

“Terrorism Plot” or Entrapment? The Case of the NATO 3

Warning to activists: Agents provocateur want to make you a terrorist

Lawyers Guild claims NATO activists “disappeared” without warrant or charges

The Weaponization of Atheism

Copyright Claims Shut Down Websites With No Proof or Due Process

Martial Red Zone In America: Heavily Armed Security Teams To Patrol Chicago, Feds Prepare for Mass Detentions, Evacuation Planning Underway

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