February 23, 2024

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Hillary And Obama: The Pro-Slavery Duo

Nathan Forget
Nathan Forget

(The Real Agenda) Both Barack Hussein Obama and her former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton support the TPP, the TTIP and the political and economic slavery of Europe.

They have said so themselves in different appearances in North American and the European continent.

Obama is perhaps the greater offender of the two as he visits and bows to a Saudi Monarchy that is, along with the US and Israel, a public ally of the Islamic State (ISIS).

During his trip to Europe, Obama has sided with German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in her attempt to balkanize the continent by letting in hundreds of thousands of violent extremists from the Middle East.

Apparently, Merkel and Obama share a dream. They intend to help a violent faction of Islam conquer Europe by letting Islamic extremists get in and destroy the very fabric of the European society.

Meanwhile, in the United States, as the primary process continues, Clinton has shown her approval for a policy of open borders and has publicly stated her support for the Transpacific and Transatlantic Partnerships.

Both of these agreements will ensure the legalization of slavery in Europe, North America as well as in all the other countries that sign them into law, without their citizens having a vote about it and without having a public and open discussion about their repercussions.

In addition to supporting the TPP and TTIP, both Obama and Hillary oppose the so-called Brexit, the exit of Britain from the European Union. Obama attempted to con the Brits by saying things like “the EU makes Britain even greater.”

On the streets of Britain, though, people do not buy the propaganda from comrade Obama. Neither do the Germans. Thousands of them marched on the streets of Hannover to say no to the TPP and the TTIP, while Obama and Merkel met to give each other support on their respective agendas.

As explained by Stephen Lendman, instead of explaining how and why the EU experiment has failed, “Obama urged greater commitment to NATO, the need to counter nonexistent “Russian aggression, (and) meet(ing) our overseas commitments” in US-instigated war theaters.”

“We must continue to promote global growth, so that our young people can achieve greater opportunity and prosperity,” Obama said, even though the very same policies that him and his European cohorts are pushing are the ones responsible for the collapse of the Western world.

According to Obama, the TPP and TTIP are great tools to promote growth, environmental safety and equality, despite the fact that the trade agreements will only be “deplorable one-way sweetheart deals for business,” points out Lendman.,”

“Sovereign states will be transformed into facilitators for corporate predation – the public interest, fundamental rights and environmental sanity be damned,” says Lendman.

In the case of Hillary she regurgitates the same talking point that Obama does. The public needs to understand that the plan behind these trade agreements is similar to other plans being directed by the powers that be.

For example, on immigration, the talking point is that Europe and North America cannot choose to ignore the large influx of illegals who are fleeing war zones. Yet, the promoters of the plan to welcome violent immigrants who rape women and desecrate western culture, are the ones who are causing the destruction of their countries.

While in Britain, people allied with the Prime Minister use fear tactics to attack the right of the British people to decide on their own, in the US, Hillary Clinton said, through a spokesperson that “the transatlantic cooperation is essential, and that this cooperation is stronger when it is done in a united Europe”. The spokesperson said that “Clinton has always wanted a strong UK in a strong Europe,” and that she appreciates “a strong British voice within the EU”.

While on the streets of Hannover thousands of people protested the erosion of German values and independence because of agreements such as the TPP and the TTIP, in private, Merkel and Obama talked about the need to accelerate the approval of both treaties.

“We agree that we must continue advancing on TTIP,”, Obama said in a joint press conference with Merkel after a 90-minute meeting at the palace of Herrenhausen, on the outskirts of Hannover.

The German Chancellor also said the agreement “is quite favorable from a European perspective for economic growth.” According to Merkel “we welcome the US president supports to accelerate this process in the coming months,” she added.

In reality, the reason why they are seeking to accelerate the process is because public opposition to the treaties grows exponentially by the minute and governments are losing support from their constituencies on TPP, TTIP and the idea that Britain will be better if it stays within the EU. If political leaders like Obama, Hillary and Merkel really thought the agreements are such good deals, they would open their approval to public discussion, they would call for referendums so people can inform themselves and vote on their passage.

Instead, Merkel, Obama and Hillary support the secret way in which the agreements are being negotiated, because if the masses actually knew what is inside those treaties, there wouldn’t be protests in Hannover alone, but all around the world and in a simultaneous fashion. People who still believe in politics’ “business as usual” or in traditional political parties and their leaders, remember that politicians are put there to give you the illusion that you have a choice, but you really don’t have choices. All you have is owners.

Source: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/hillary-obama-pro-slavery-duo/

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